Promo videos

We offer a business “Promo” video service which incorporates a number of the other services, and is essentially our premium video service. Show off your company in a creative, entertaining & engaging way while getting your ideas, product(s) and/or services across quickly, concisely and in the most up-to-date format. Involve your potential clients and make them want to be involved with your company. This service has a very high production value as it immediately engages viewers who may be interested in your products and services. This is a more in depth service and therefore has a longer turnaround time of 3-5 days per day of footage shot. We usually allow up to two client revisions, but are happy to discuss and agree more if required.

  • The Premium High Quality Video Service that immediately engages potential clients!
  • Delivers high credibility similar to “As seen on TV” video.
  • Quick and concise delivery of ideas to your potential clients
  • Creates familiarity between you and your client


  • 5 years of video production experience
  • BBC quality HD recorded video for the web, Blu-ray or DVD
  • Crystal clear audio – sound quality is just as important as the video itself!
  • More in-depth pre-event planning over the phone & potentially on-site to understand your needs and ensure everything is covered
  • “Storyboarding” & scripting to ensure smooth & easy filming
  • Quick turnover – generally 3-5 days for every day of footage filmed

Standard Production Includes:

  • Exclusive use of professionally lit and soundproof studio facilities or on-site as required
  • BBC quality Sony PMW-400 professional camera
  • Top quality Sony digital audio (up to 4 mics)
  • Professional post production editing on Final Cut Pro X
  • Coaching  and guidance for delivery to camera
  • 2 revisions included
  • Choice of video format & resolution
  • High quality final videos uploaded to our cloud storage for you to download

Optional Extras:

  • One or more additional cameras (manned or unmanned)
  • 52” TV to display your slides (which looks great on-camera, unlike projectors)
  • Additional actors – depending on the “video look” we agree
  • Extra revisions