Vox Pops/Testimonials

We film vox pops (Voice of the people) and client testimonial videos in our studio, or on-site if preferred, resulting in professional, persuasive client feedback on your product or service. Using our proven 4-step formula that makes it easy to get the best from clients in 5mins or less, it’s one of the most important marketing tools any business can have!

  • Allow your existing clients to sell your service
  • Create genuine credibility & trust
  • Great additions to promo or other longer video productions
  • “Live” references!


Interview Vox Pops



  • 6 years of video production experience
  • BBC quality HD (and NOW 4K) recorded video for the web, Blu-ray or DVD
  • Professional quality audio – sound quality is just as important as the video itself!
  • We often don’t charge for “little extras” e.g. a 2nd wireless mic
  • Super quick turnaround time – generally 48 hours for every day of footage filmed

Standard Production Includes:

  • Exclusive use of professionally lit and soundproof studio facilities
  • BBC quality professional camera
  • Top quality digital audio (mics)
  • Professional post production editing on Final Cut Pro X
  • Coaching and guidance for delivery to camera
  • Minimum 2-person crew (interviewer & cameraman)
  • Choice of video format & resolution
  • High quality final videos uploaded to our cloud storage for you to download

Optional Extras:

  • Dedolight “4-point” professional lighting setup (best used indoors)